VNA CalKit Manager

A free RF tool on the Chrome Web Store (and on-line as well)


VNA calibration can be an issue for beginner in RF instrumentation. Checking the calibration by re-measuring standards implies to calculate the theoretical value to expect.

This app offers a good opportunity to understand what polynomial CalKit models are. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to manage SOLT CalKits for Vectorial Network Analyzers (VNAs) on use in your lab. Your CalKit list can be saved as a HTML local storage and downloaded as a CSV table.

Technical explanations on CalKit models are detailed in an excellent application note by Keysight (formerly Agilent): Specifying Calibration Standards and Kits for Agilent Vector Network Analyzers (Agilent Application Note 1287-11) [LINK].

VNA CalKit Manager web app running on a Chromebook
VNA CalKit Manager web app running on a Chromebook

VNA CalKit Manager running on Windows
VNA CalKit Manager running on Android (browser visiting the mirror web site)

Download and installation

1. You can get a glimpse of this app by visiting the mirror app, located on, right here.
2. If you want the capability to use it both online and offline, you should install this application, for free, from the Chrome Web Store here.
3. Enjoy!