These products are totally FREE and OPEN-SOURCE.

You spend time to use it. I spent much more time to create it.
Offering me a cup of coffee would be very much appreciated.

Scilab and Scicoslab Toolboxes

GPIB Toolbox : Communicate with your GPIB instrument through the VISA layer (Windows/Linux). I highly recommend NI-VISA (with NI488) instead of Agilent one. You can download it from national instrument ftp here and here

WinSOCKET Toolbox : [discontinued] Drive your TCP/IP instrument without any driver or VISA layer (Windows only : it uses the winsocket library v.1)

Surface Interpolation : This function builds automatically an interpolated regular grid from scattered 3D-data in order to use the contour() or plot3d() functions for example

SOCKET Toolbox : Drive your TCP/IP instrument without any driver or VISA layer (works on every OS !!)

XLIM HEMT Modeling Toolboxes : Complementary tools used at XLIM for HEMTs modeling

Microwave Toolbox : Essential tools for RF and microwave work under Scilab 5 and Scicoslab

Free LabVIEW Toolbox for RF instrumentation

Open LSNA in LabVIEW : The best toolbox in LabVIEW to simplify your measurements in RF and microwave. It's available. It's free. It's open-source. Enjoy!

Free Complete Classes on YouTube

Content deleted!

RF and Microwave Tools for Chrome

VNA CalKit Manager : A simple interface to manage and analyse your SOLT VNA CalKits. This program is in Javascript and can be launched from Chrome either on-line or off-line.

Clock for RF Nerds : Display a Smith Chart Clock when you open a new tab. So totally useless that it is utterly indispensable...

RF and Microwave Documents

Technique de caractérisation en puissance : Everything you want to know about RF power characterization and load-pull methods but affraid to ask... in french


Résumé : LaTeX project example for your résumé / Curriculum Vitae

Conferences and Journals : LaTeX project example for conferences and journal submission


fig2eps : fig2eps and fig2pdf. Everything you need to generate *.eps and *.pdf files from *.fig that include latex equations. It works for Linux and Windows. You can use batch sript or Latex compilation.

Beamer Template for IMS 2012 : Download for free a LaTeX template dedicated to IMS 2012. I hope a similar template will be available for next IEEE conferences.