VNA Calibration Kit Manager

C0 [E-15] (F):
C1 [E-27] (F/Hz):
C2 [E-36] (F/Hz^2):
C3 [E-45] (F/Hz^3):
Delay (ps):
Loss (GΩ/s):
L0 [E-12] (H):
L1 [E-24] (H/Hz):
L2 [E-33] (H/Hz^2):
L3 [E-42] (H/Hz^3):
Delay (ps):
Loss (GΩ/s):
R0 (Ω):
Lt [E-12] (H):
Delay (ps):
Loss (GΩ/s):

This page presents a glimpse on polynomial CalKit models. It offers the possibility to manage SOLT CalKits for Vectorial Network Analyzers (VNAs) on use in your lab. Your CalKit list can be saved as a HTML local storage and downloaded as a CSV table.

Technical explanations on CalKit models are detailed in an excellent application note by Keysight :
Keysight | Specifying Calibration Standards and Kits for Keysight Vector Network Analyzers - Application Note

Keysight's calibration kit definitions are available HERE.